Ask A Pest Control Professional – #3

green pesticides for dealing with critters and pests in your home

Are there any green pesticides to kill bugs?

Loaded buzz words like “green” or even “organic” sound fantastic for marketing and branding of a product reinforcing a trend, wowing us into thinking green is less toxic, less harmful…?

In a domestic setting, Diatomaceous Earth (silicon dioxide, SiO2) and Pyrethrin based products seem most popular. Both are naturally derived therefore perceived as “green” and “safe” for people and pets. We cannot stress this enough: Read and follow the label!! Research how the product of your choice works!

SiO2 kills insects by SCRATCHING their outer surface, thereby disrupting the waxy layer on their exoskeleton. Even a light application of dust per label direction becomes airborne and can aggravate eyes, throat, and lungs, exacerbate asthma and contaminate non-targeted areas thereby killing non-target species like pollinators.

Key to success is having the right tools and knowledge for your situation. What may be advertised as “green” may not be a good fit for you. Alternate control methods may include baiting, trapping, some essential oil mixes, sanitation in and around your house and if needed responsible chemical application. If you are not sure ask a Pro!

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